Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lana Del Rey is Hot.

     Lana Del Rey is hot.

 And Talented. I just picked up Born To Die - Paradise Edition last week after hearing the tune "Burning Desire" on Facebook. I think that I had to buy that tune as a single because it wasn't on any particular album at the time.
     There is just something about a girl with a dark side that does it for me. A lot of people that I know didn't really care for Amy Winehouse all that much, but those of my friends that did like her music and act, understood what was going on with her. Lana reminds me of an American version of Amy. That whole sexy lounge lizard thing, reminds me of something out of a 1930's gangster film.
     I saw a clip of her on SNL where she was a little out of key and a bunch of people were bashing her about it. Hell, so what. I've been out of key plenty of times, especially when the music is too loud in the mix or there are no monitors to work with, and besides that, I have seen plenty of worse performances on that show over these years. She may have been nervous too, who knows.
   I hope this chick stays around for a long time and sells a gazillion records. I like her style. I currently have her in the #3 slot in my 6 disc changer in the car. It's not something that I will listen to every day, but it's there if I need it to help calm me down after a shitty day.

Stars and Bars, baby! She's our dark, sad, American girl!

Right on,
Jake and the Stiffs

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