Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kult Des Hasses! New Acheron.

     My friend Vincent's band, Acheron,  just put out a new CD this past week, Kult Des Hasses, on Listenable Records from France. I was lucky enough to hear it last month, and while it's not 100% exactly my type of music, I still dig it. The music and lyrics are awesome, and the whole album just flows from beginning to end. I was blown away by amazing sound quality of this thing. Whoever mixed and mastered this did an incredible job. I have been mixing and mastering our new releases lately and thought that I was doing a pretty good job until I heard how great this sounded.
     Another thing that blew me away is the incredible amount of press that Listenable Records is getting out there for this release. I am actually jealous! Interviews here, reviews there, pieces coming in from all over the world. It's good to see a label out there giving a band like Acheron the respect and push it deserves. These guys paid their dues and reached cult status years ago, it's cool to see that their worldwide legion of fans will be able to pick up this CD anywhere, and more importantly, know that its even out there and available.
     Every once in a while I will tell the story about the time that Vince scared THEE living shit out of me when we were messing around with a ouija board back at the house in Detroit, but I don't think that I want to relive that moment again, so I'm not writing about. Nope, never happened.
     So if you are a metal fan, I suggest you check this out. Hopefully we can get them to stop by Delaware one of these days.

Kult Des Hasses


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